Components Include...
Write & Draw
Write & Draw on your iPad Pro, Note 3 or any "grade A" web browser. Keep your renderings private or share with individuals of your choosing.
A user profile is at the heart of every social system. All other components derive from this one. It includes information about the user, their profile picture and more.
No social system would exist if it weren't for the ability to connect with others. The friends component allows for that connection to happen and allows for many interactions.
Provides the user with a simple way to apply formatted text to a given space. This is a very flexible component that can be applied in many useful ways.
This component allows a user to comment on posts and other media. It often plays a key role within a social system and is one of the favorite components.
With this component you can schedule and post events. Invite users and let them RSVP.
Send and receive private messages with other system users or a group of system users.
Allows users to upload and share photos as an extension to the user profile.
The link component allows users to post links from around the web. Thumbnails can be automatically generated from the source representing the link.